Pediatric Massage

Pediatric Massage is for children under the age of 18. Children have different developmental needs than that of adults. Pediatric massage is designed to address those needs in a safe and nurturing manner. 

Pediatric massage may not look exactly like adult massage but the benefits are the same. Children do remain fully clothes during the sessions. Sessions can be done in any setting. Massage is always given with permission of the child, as well as the parents(guardian). Safe and Nurturing touch has been shown to help with many challenges experienced during growth of adolescence. Pediatric massage has also been shown to work well along side a diagnosis, such as anxiety, depression, add, adhd, ect. 

Pediatric Massage sessions vary on age, development, previous massage history, ect. All option for sessions and rates will be discussed in detail with caregivers to assure success.


Pediatric Massage Rates

30 Minute Session

Additional sessions after new client package

New Client Package $160

Includes 3 sessions- 45 minutes with intro and 2- 30 minute

45 Minute Session

Additional sessions after new client package

Travel Fee included in prices within 10 miles
Over 10 miles and up to 30 miles $10 additional

Pediatric Massage can help

*Anxiety & Depression

*Sleep issues



*Growing pains

*Muscle tone

*Range of motion needs

*Body regulation- hormones & mood

*Sensory Input

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