Infant Massage

Infant massage is a wonderful way to build a healthy, nurturing relationship with your baby. It also allows for a routine, making easier transitions throughout the day that baby will begin to learn and understand. There are no extra considerations needed and is ideally performed by the parents(guardian).

Infant massage can be taught in a series of one on one appointments or in a group setting. During the sessions, you the parent (guardian) are taught how to perform effective and safe massage on your baby. You will also learn the cues for when your baby is ready to receive massage. At the same time your child will learn what to expect while showing you what they enjoy the most. Sessions are performed on the floor using a yoga mat or blanket.

Infant Massage Rates

30 Minute Private Session

60 Minute Private

90 minute Group Session

Limit 4 families

Travel Fee included in prices within 10 miles
Over 10 miles and up to 30 miles $10 additional

Infant Massage Benefits

Listed are only some of the benefits

*Improves sleep

*Aids in digestion & gas




*Growth and develepment

*Decrease in stress on both baby and caregiver

*Improves bonding

Image by Khoa Pham