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One time Chair/Event Massage   $80 per hour
Monthly Chair/Event Massage     $75 per hour
Weekly Chair/Event Massage       $60 per hour
Individual Chair/Event Massage $1 per minute
(All events have a minimum of 2 hours)

Travel Fee included in prices within 10 miles
Travel more than 10 miles up to 30 miles  $10 additional per hour

Nurturing Bodywork's costs averages to be 23% lower than that of a larger company. Hiring Nurturing Bodywork will allow for a more personal experience while also supporting local small business owners.

Chair massage is used as a mobile, non-invasive solution to relaxation in a public setting. Chair massage is great for events or in a cooperate setting. Massage in the office can increase morale and make employees feel valued and happy. Massage during events can ease nerves and promote relaxation.